How can you optimize your Enterprise?
Fujitsu’s Micro Enterprises Structure

Olivier De Kock – Head Of Consulting Fujitsu
Johan Van Der Smissen – Head of Micro Enterprise Digital Transformation Services Fujitsu
Hans Stenten – Business Consultant Fujitsu
Marc Samson – Global Enterprise Technology & Cybersecurity Executive Fujitsu Belgium

October 4, 2021  |  11h00 - 12h00

Interested in learning about the Micro Enterprise structure, based on research by McKinsey, that focuses on multiple small and agile teams within a company that can respond quickly to any demand?  Do you want to know more about digitally transforming your company to be ready for the future? Or are you interested in optimizing your cloud journey, guiding yourself through cloud complexity? Maybe you would like to focus on optimizing your cyber security instead through a completely different approach than you are used to?
No need to pick, as all these topics are discussed in the Fujitsu’s webinar on the Micro Enterprise structure and more! Wondering how all these topics are interconnected? Watch the webinar right now to get all the answers you need.

Trinity of innovation for the next decade.
What’s in it for the business.

Mitch De Geest – CEO Citymesh K
Kristel demotte – VP Data Solutions Cegeka
Stijn Bijnens – CEO Cegeka

October 19, 2021  |  19h00 - 20h00

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