Exiting the Datacentre: How to Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Adoption!

Vijay Raghavan – Head of Cloud and Applications (Europe) at Hexaware Technologies
Jan Strauven – Director ICT Digital Transformation at Baloise Insurance
Roel Rennen – Product Owner Modernization & Rationalization at Telenet
Gerdy De Clercq – Digital Strategy Execution Coach (interim) CIO

November 8, 2021  |  12h00 - 13h00

Exiting the Datacentre: How to Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Adoption!
Cloud is an imperative cornerstone of modernisation and transformation in enterprises today. As part of enterprise modernisation the move away from monolithic legacy applications and on-prem data centres is seen as a key stepping stone to cloud adoption. As part of this webinar the team discusses key considerations, learnings and levers to accelerate and drive enterprise cloud adoption. We hope via this discussion, you will recognise some of the challenges the panellist express and their view on how some of these challenges can be overcome.

Vijay Raghavan

Jan Strauven

Roel Rennen

Gerdy De Clercq

Key success factors for digital transition programs. Jurgen Ingels, Daan De Wever, Laurens van Reijen and Hans Witdouck on digital transition fundamentals.

Jurgen Ingels – Managing Partner at SmartFin
Daan De Wever – Group CEO Destiny
Laurens van Reijen – Managing Director of LCL
Hans Witdouck – CEO at Eurofiber Belgium

October 28, 2021  |  12h00 - 13h00

Digital and cloud transition plans come with their challenges and pitfalls. These 4 renowned experts from the Belgian IT landscape will discuss how best to tackle them.

Jurgen Ingels

Daan De Wever

Laurens van Reijen

Hans Witdouck

Trinity of innovation for the next decade.

Stijn Bijnens – CEO Cegeka
Kristel Demotte – VP Data Solutions Cegeka
Mitch De Geest – CEO Citymesh

October 19, 2021  |  11h00 - 12h00

We are currently witnessing a unique moment in the history of technology: a new trinity of innovation which will define the next decade.
The next 10 year it’s all about the convergence between the technologies 5G, AI and Cloud, with Data in the center of the trinity:

  • Data as the fuel for AI
  • 5G as a supercharger for AI
  • 5G as the hand, eyes and ears of the Cloud

There is really no limit on the number of AI use cases that can be enhanced with 5G. But what’s in it for your business? Watch the webinar with Stijn Bijnens (CEO of Cegeka), Kristel Demotte (VP Data Solutions Cegeka) and Mitch De Geest (CEO of Citymesh) for all your answers.

Stijn Bijnens

Kristel Demotte

Mitch De Geest



Turning data into value. A data-driven strategy to gain competitive advantage

Thierry Geerts – CEO Google Belgium
Werner De Laet – Chief Enterprise Officer Orange Belgium
Danielle Jacobs – CEO Beltug
Carlo Schots – Sales Director Business & Decision

October 14, 2021  |  10h30 - 11h30

Society is rapidly digitizing, resulting in evolving client expectations and  opportunities for businesses to seek new competitive advantages. In order to harness data and turn this asset into business value, companies should consider a number of concrete steps, called the Data Journey.

In this webinar, the four experts share a vision on a data-centric society and the opportunities it creates for Belgian companies. In addition, they will give their views on how companies should proceed in managing their data strategies, illustrated with some interesting Belgian use cases.

Thierry Geerts

Werner De Laet

Danielle Jacobs

Carlo Schots

Building the cybersecurity future together

Benoît Rousseaux – Head of Big Data and Security Atos
Geert-Jan Wackers – CTO Cyber Security Atos
Mark Lowe – Head of Cyber Security Pre-Sales & Expert solutions Atos
Peter Vandeput – Client Partner Cyber Security Atos

October 7, 2021  |  12h00 - 13h00

Cybersecurity is not just a question of products !
Atos invested a lot in the last months in cybersecurity and is recognized by Gartner as the European leader in Managed Security Services (MSS) in terms of revenue.
Let’s discover how Atos integrates the best-in-breed technologies of advanced security products and solutions to help its clients turn risk into business value.

Benoît Rousseaux

Geert-Jan Wackers

Mark Lowe

Peter Vandeput



How can you optimize your Enterprise? Fujitsu’s Micro Enterprises Structure

Olivier De Kock – Head Of Consulting Fujitsu
Johan Van Der Smissen – Head of Micro Enterprise Digital Transformation Services Fujitsu
Hans Stenten – Business Consultant Fujitsu
Marc Samson – Global Enterprise Technology & Cybersecurity Executive Fujitsu Belgium

October 4, 2021  |  11h00 - 12h00

Interested in learning about the Micro Enterprise structure, based on research by McKinsey, that focuses on multiple small and agile teams within a company that can respond quickly to any demand?  Do you want to know more about digitally transforming your company to be ready for the future? Or are you interested in optimizing your cloud journey, guiding yourself through cloud complexity? Maybe you would like to focus on optimizing your cyber security instead through a completely different approach than you are used to?

No need to pick, as all these topics are discussed in the Fujitsu’s webinar on the Micro Enterprise structure and more! Wondering how all these topics are interconnected? Watch the webinar right now to get all the answers you need.

Olivier De Kock

Johan Van Der Smissen

Hans Stenten

Marc Samson


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